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My Story

Thanks for coming to visit my website. I now lead a thriving team  and love what I do, I think the joy I get at helping others succeed is the favourite part of the journey !

WIth zero sales experience I found I simply shared the products to sell themselves - they deliver on their promises, and in turn they sold very well. That is the huge joy of scentsy - you do not need to have any sales experience . People love scents that trigger good memories of people or happy times . They buy scents that make them feel good ! Therefore you do not need to sell - scents sell themselves !! The no flame, no smoke aspects have universally appealed to people and the safety features offer reassurance and wonderful results.

So I discovered quickly that people love scentsy and now many of my customers have become team members.  They saw how many of their friends loved it and decided to earn some extra whilst simply sharing what they used in their home .

My team share this love of the products and amazing team spirit we share helping each other and many of us are at great distances from one another. That however does not hinder our help or support and infectious camraderie. We now span several countries and cater for each culture and local currency as part of our team support.

I have helped launch Scentsy for team mates in UK, USA , Ireland and Australia and now looking across Europe too so its very exciting and you have opportunities to do the same - IF YOU WISH !!!

The joy of scentsy is YOU CHOOSE if its a hobby or a wage. There is zero pressure ! In my team we agree that you choose this to help your life so we make it fun, no pressure and total support  approach .

I have worked from home much of the time and have always had candles burning. Now everyone loves beautiful scents filling their house but I found that it just does not always mix with family life. I have 4 children now - the youngest only 18 months old and a dog and 2 cats so its a busy house when everyone is home. In fact I had difficult pregnancy and was still able to make money as I was in hospital and still doing scentsy on my phone via Facebook :) . If you want versatile can't get much better than that !

So how did I find scentsy ? When my 3rd daughter was a toddler we had to start lifting candles well out of reach as that flickering flame was just too much of a distraction for her and it was a matter of time before there was a burn. Having lifted candles higher I found burning nearby things became more of a hazard and found many a singed card that could have caught fire on our mantlepiece. Plus having a busy house the number of times I eneded up distracted on a work call and then as I dashed out on the school run I suddenly thought did I blow out that candle and worried constantly until I got home.

Thats when I found the scentsy system ! It literally had just arrived in the UK . The joy of plugging it in with such a low heat means even if the dog chases the cat, or little hands manage somehow to reach where they shouldn't I have no worries of burning. Its amazing how fragrant the wax is, given its heated to only above body temperature - I tried this to ensure it was ok just in case little fingers went in, and its no warmer than a paraffin wax hand treatment. Another bonus that I really appreciate is sometimes you tire of a smell or fancy changing the mood, with scentsy its no problem. I just poured the molten wax back into its tray for use at a  later time and change to  a new scent.

It made my life easier,and more economical compared to the price of candles I used to buy. It seems those who embrace it cannot get enough. The warmers are such beautiful ornaments that they can decorate any room. It is easy to recommend something that gets such overwhelming positive feedback and its not just its functionality or its aesthetic appeal, you can boost your income too.

I have sold the Scentsy system to a huge array of customers because it is so versatile ! It has been in domestic houses but also suitable for work places too due its wonderful safe design. No health and safety implications has made it so popular. I have frequented banks, hotels, hairdressers, beauticians, art galleries & even bathroom showrooms !!!!

That tells the story by itself, Scentsy is so safe, so veratile and with such a huge variety there is something for everyone. 

I never saw myself as a sales person, however with this I am just shariing my story, my experience and how vesatile Scentsy is. After that, it sells itself with the beautiful fragrances ! I truly am having great fun, no pressure just personal goals and self fulfilment. I am very grateful I discovered Scentsy.

So if you would like to work from home, enjoy family life, as chaotic as that can be, then do consider Scentsy. It fits in around your lifeand existing job or commitments  and all the demands of school runs, nursery outings, chief cook and bottlewasher and its fun too. Feel free to ask me any questions and I would be delighted to help you.

I was humbled and privileged enough to win the 2014 Scentsy Shining Star Award - The shining star award is given to consultants based on nominations from your peers as well as customers as a consultant who epitomises Scentsy values and genersoity of spirit. It can only be won once in your consultancy . I promise to continue these values and help you in your business or hobby too !

If you are looking for amazing products that deliver on promises, a team packed full of support but zero pressure then you have found the right place ! I'd be delighted to help you further . The kit scentsy offers is amazing and very heavily subsidised by scentsy who reduce it by more than half content costs . Warmers , waxes , catalogues , scent pak and testers of every single fragrance plus lots of marketing material !!!

Loads to help you out and an absolute bargain that is yours to keep FOREVER !!!! Hobbies cost you money - not only is a scentsy kit SAVING YOU MONEY it's also yours to KEEP FOREVER !!!! 

Join me now for 7 days a week support plus additional marketing material and experience to help you every step of the way !

Hope to chat soon !

My story :

superstar director 

My story :